Questions And Concerns About Imaging Scans

While there usually isn’t a risk when you have a medical image performed, there are still some questions that you might have about how to prepare and what it will be like while the scan is being performed. Before you go to the advanced imaging Toms River NJ location, you will likely get orders from your doctor about the scan that will be performed and whether there are any special instructions that you have to follow. Sometimes, you might have to avoid eating for a few hours before the scan. Another common instruction would be that the technician would administer a dye intravenously so that any blockages or other issues with the blood vessels will clearly show on the scan.

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Leave jewelry and valuables at home if possible. If someone is with you at the time of the scan, then you can leave these items with that person until you’re ready to leave the office. If you’re claustrophobic or are concerned about being inside an enclosed tube during your scan, then ask your doctor if there are any locations that offer an open MRI design. When you are in the room with the machine, you will notice that there are loud noises. These noises are from the magnets that take the images of your body. Ear plugs can be provided if the noises are frightening, especially for young children, patients with sensory issues, and elderly patients who might be sensitive to loud sounds.

Most scans take less than 30 minutes to perform. The details that your doctor is looking for will often determine how long the scan will last. The area of the body that is being scanned can also impact how long the scan takes. Areas of your brain or face could take longer because of the smaller details than a scan of your abdomen. If you have a high level of anxiety, then your doctor might be able to order a sedative so that you’re relaxed during the scan. However, you need to have someone who can drive you home afterwards because you will feel groggy with delayed reflexes.

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