Weight Loss: 5 Times Drinking Water Can Work In Your Absolute Advantage

Weight Loss: 5 Times Drinking Water Can Work In Your Absolute Advantage

Weight loss: Drinking water before meals can prevent overeating


  1. Drink water first thing in morning to regularise bowel movement
  2. Drink water to prevent unnecessary snacking
  3. Drink water before and after your workout

Water is a life saver. You can achieve your weight loss goals and prevent most health conditions by simply drinking sufficient water. From regulating body temperature to keeping you hydrated, delivering oxygen throughout the body and improving digestion, there are many functions that water performs. At least 2 litres of water are important for you to stay healthy and hydrated. Also, drinking water at particular times during the day can help you reap maximum benefits from it. It can help you with weight loss, heal from diseases quickly and also improve digestive system.

Weight loss: 5 times you should drink water for good health and weight

1. When you feel hungry

Many times feeling thirsty is confused for feeling hungry. This usually occurs when you feel hungry shortly after having a meal. If you feel hungry too often, you should try drinking water. It will help prevent unnecessary snacking and hunger pangs. Dehydration can often you wrong signals of hunger.


Prevent unnecessary snacking by drinking sufficient water
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2. When you are unwell

It might seem difficult to gulp down a glass of water when you are unwell but it can actually help you heal quickly. Drinking water when you are unwell can hydrate you and help in removing toxins from the body. It will make you feel fresh and will help you recover at a comparatively faster pace.

3. Before a meal

If you want to prevent overeating, then this is something that you can bank on. Firstly, time your meals. Try having your meals at the same time every day and it can take you a long way in being in sync with circadian rhythm. The next thing to do is to drink a glass of water 30 minutes before every meal. It will keep you from overeating. It is also an effective way to control calorie intake, thus aiding weight loss. Also, avoid drinking water immediately after a meal or during the meal.

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4. On waking up in the morning

Now this is something many of you must already be doing. Drinking water first thing in the morning can facilitate smooth bowel movement. Drinking water first thing in the morning will satiate you and energise you, removing toxins from the body. Make sure that you drink water which is at room temperature in the morning. Slightly warm water can also be helpful. Avoid cold water first thing in the morning. It may trigger cough.