Ask Before The MRI

When you’re preparing for a medical imaging procedure, there are a few questions that you should ask so that you’re prepared. Talk to the doctor about the area of the body that will be scanned and what the doctor is looking for from the procedure. You should also ask about the type of machine that will be used. An open MRI is beneficial if you are claustrophobic or if there are issues that would prevent you from being inside an enclosed MRI machine.

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Find out how the machine works. Overall, this is a safe scan that is conducted to detect anything from tumors that are in the body to broken bones. Your doctor can give you more information, but the best person to talk to about how the machine works is the technician who will be in the room with you. Take a tour of the facility as well as the room where the MRI machine is located so that you can listen to the sounds associated with the machine and how it looks.


Another question that you need to ask is whether your insurance will pay for the scan or if you have to pay for the procedure. Most insurance companies will pay for an MRI as long as it’s medically necessary. Find out if you can get copies of the images so that you can review them on your own. Talk to your doctor about the results as soon as they are available. Ask if you can show the images to another doctor in case you want another opinion. If you’re nervous, then consider asking your doctor for a sedative. However, an open design with an MRI machine can help to alleviate the fears that you might have because you are on a larger table without being in a tube where you can’t see the room.