How To Make Filling And Yummy Orange Chocolate Energy Bars At Home

Video: How To Make Filling And Yummy Orange Chocolate Energy Bars At Home 

Think chocolate and you would instantly picture something indulgent; none of us in our right minds would imagine that chocolate could have any nutritive value.  But what if we tell you that chocolates can be healthy too! Yes, you heard us; dark chocolates are packed with vital antioxidants and anthocyanins that are known to do wonders for your heart and even prevent skin ageing. However, that does not mean you go overboard with them. Anything in excess amount could prove to be harmful. A lot of people add chocolate to their energy bars. Not only does it uplift the flavour of your bars, it also makes in rich in antioxidants.


This delicious orange chocolate energy bar recipe – by Deeba Rajpal, shared by her on her YouTube channel, ‘Passionate About Baking’ – is a perfect amalgamation of all things healthy, filling and yummy.  Don’t believe us? Just have a look at the ingredients. From fibre rich oats, whole wheat flour to protein-rich chia seeds, this energy bar is the one of the most filling things you can tuck into when the cravings hit. The recipe also packs in the goodness of pistachios, ghee, Greek yogurt, and chocolate chips. The recipe also makes use of coconut sugar as opposed to regular sugar. which is known to induce fat. The bars are topped with bitter orange marmalade. These bars are perfect to pack in tiffin boxes. It also serves as an excellent post-workout snack.