All Hail Tracee Ellis Ross, The Most Directional Dresser On The Red Carpet

Oh Tracee. Less than a week has gone by since she pulled out all the sartorial stops for her mother Diana Ross’s 75th birthday celebrations, and she’s already back in the spotlight showing off another Big Look. Tracee Ellis Ross has got a thing for Marc Jacobs feathers, it would seem.

For the NAACP Awards, which saw the Black-ish actor accept the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series Award, Ellis Ross looked to Marc Jacobs’s most recent collection for a dress that packed a punch – and not just because of the sheer volume of it. The polka dot confection, which marked a move from the designer’s signature grunge aesthetic to high fashion realms verging on couture, was a two fingers up to critics who view Marc Jacobs’s catwalk looks as lacking in commerciality. Ellis Ross wore his autumn/winter 2019 wares, and she wore them well. Her three Instagram posts (no captions, just fine art and lemon trees as the backdrop) are proof that she lives her best life in fab-u-lous fashion like Marc Jacobs’s. As he summed it up perfectly in her Insta feed, “You are so extra, and I love it!”