Get the best of vegan diets

‘Vegan diet’ is the new talk of the town! With its increasing popularity among youth, vegan diet is becoming a new trend which has grabbed everyone’s attention. You must already know about this diet because in India, from Bollywood celebrities to well-renowned cricketers, a lot of stars have adopted this diet plan. Obviously, it is healthy and environment-friendly to not consume animals or any of their products but there are various challenges that a person faces when they decide to go vegan!

Do you know that even restaurants, supermarkets and food delivery apps have vegan options for their customers? People can actually enjoy their favourite foods while being vegan at the same time! For those who think that they might not get the proper nutrition if they start following the vegan diet then yes, it’s true that the absence of non-vegetarian foods like meat, egg, fish and animal products like cheese, curd, milk, ghee or paneer can make your daily nutrition intake incomplete, but we can help you overcome this drawback! Read on to know how.

You have to subtract dairy products from your diet if you go vegan. Then, how will you get the vital bone-saving nutrients? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Fortified and unsweetened soya, oat drinks, rice, calcium-set tofu, til seeds, tahini, brown/white bread (with calcium), dry fruits like raisins, figs, prunes and apricots are some good sources of vegan calcium. But be careful about the consumption of dry fruits as they have a high sugar content!

Vitamin D3
Just start consuming fortified fat spreads, breakfast cereals and unsweetened soya drinks with added vitamin D and get the required amount of vitamin D3 in your diet!

If you think that without meat, eggs or fishes, your diet lacks protein then, you are wrong! You can get protein from quinoa and pulses. The protein content in quinoa is completely absorbed in the body!

Vitamin B12

The biggest challenge of the vegan diet is the lack of vitamin B12 in it! The main sources of vitamin B12 include all the non-plant based foods. So, for your body’s need for this vitamin, doctors may advise you to take supplements. But, along with pills, you must consume B-12 fortified breakfast cereals, yeast extracts and unsweetened soya drinks to stay healthy!


Zinc is needed in the body to make the immune system work properly. So, if you are following the vegan diet then you must include beans, legumes, oats, wheat germ, nuts and seeds in your daily food intake to make sure that your body is getting enough zinc.

Being vegan is a good thing but if you just want to lose weight then, there are many other diets which you can follow to do so. It is true that being vegan is such a hard task and requires a lot of efforts but if you strive to follow it, you can easily find your own unique ways and nothing can stop you!